The Residency

Program Features:

An 18-24 month teacher residency program aligned with California teacher certification and CSULA’s requirements for a master’s degree in Integrated STEM Education. The LAUTR Program differs from traditional teacher preparation programs by providing resident teachers the opportunity to directly apply theory, research, and pedagogy learned through coursework during an intensive residency year.

Program Structure:

Along with an MA in Integrated STEM Education, our residents will obtain one of the following preliminary credentials:

  • Special Education credential with a STEM specialization
  • Single-subject credential in math or science
  • Merged Elementary and Special Education (2018)


Pre-residency Institute (Summer 2016)

  • 6 weeks of intensive coursework
  • Community literacy

School year (August 2016-June 2017)

  • 4 days/week with mentor teacher
  • 1 ½ days at CSULA for classes

Post-residency Coursework (Summer & Fall 2017)

  • Research project
  • Master’s Degree Portfolio

Residency Completion & Obtain

  • Credential in 12 months (Summer 2017)
  • Master’s degree in 18 – 24 months (Fall ’17)