Resident Teacher Selection Process

Rolling Selection | 3-tier selection process

Note: Applicants must attend an Information Session in-person or online before submission

Selection Process – Tier 1

1. Submit application – Meet all minimum eligibility requirements to be invited to Selection Day

2. Fulfill CBEST  and CSET I & II requirements and provide score reports to LAUTR by due date per Selection Day (See Below)

Selection Process -Tier 2

Participate in Selection Day group activities to advance to Tier 3 Mini Lesson demonstration

Selection Process -Tier 3

1. Present a Mini Lesson to advance to become Finalist

2. Submit transcripts to Office of Student Services for verification by Mini Lesson demonstration

3. Participate in pre-residency activities

Selection Days and Mini Lesson Days per semester

Fall semester:
Selection Days (Tier 2) – Sept. 30, 2016 and Nov. 4, 2016 (have passed CBEST and taken CSET I by end of October 2016)

Mini Lesson Day (Tier 3) – Nov. 16, 2016 (must submit transcripts to Office of Student Services by Nov. 4, 2016)

Spring semester:
Selection Days (Tier 2) – Jan. 27, 2017 and March 3, 2017 (have passed CBEST and CSET I & taken II by end of February 2017.)

Mini Lesson Day (Tier 3) – March 22, 2017 (must submit transcripts to Office of Student Services by March 3, 2017)