* Daisy Helgura Cohort 1 Roosevelt Magnet Peer Observer, STEM Ambassador, Lead of the Student
Recognition Committee, Member of the Instructional Review Team and member of School Site

* April White Cohort 2 Venice HS was selected to Earthwatch Teacher Fellowship in the Teach Earth Program to do Climate Change research for a week over this summer in Acadia National Park Maine!

* Kathleen Francisco Cohort 2 SJ Humanitas Math Department Chair

* Stephanie Castillo Cohort 2 Mendez Common Core Math Leads

* Geo Arellano Cohort 2 Mendez Common Core Math Leads

* Brent Rojo Cohort 3 Venice Engineering Lead Teacher, Technology Coordinator, 2016-2017 Math Department Chair

* Yessica Sanchez Cohort 3 SJ Torres Math Department Chair

* Cofley Moore Cohort 3 NOYCE Math Fellowship

* Jeanette Helgura Cohort 4 2016-2017 Academy Lead Teacher

* Evelyn Navarro Cohort 5 Finalist for Green Dot New Teacher of the Year